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60 Minute Psychic Reading

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60 Minute Psychic Reading

This is for a 60-minute reading (phone, skype, google hangouts or facebook messenger) with EITHER Amanda & TJ

We are psychic mediums able to communicate and receive information from Spirit Guides, Angels, Passed Loved Ones and higher realms of energy. The information we receive comes in the form of visions, thoughts, feelings, smells, hearing and an unexplained knowing. 

We use tarot cards along with our abilities to help you figure out your current situation, answer any of your questions, aid you in making decisions, and offer you direction.

Amanda has been offering professional readings since 2006 and TJ has been offering professional readings since 2012. 

*** Please submit your preferred contact (phone number, skype, google hangout, or facebook name) in the 'SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER' box during your checkout.

Please make sure to be available at the time we agree upon if we contact and you do not answer, it is up to you to contact us to reschedule your reading.

Due to legalities, you must be 18 yrs of age to receive a reading. 

*Readings are for entertainment purposes only.



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