Attraction Incense

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Attraction Incense
Attraction Incense

Attraction Incense is to STRONGLY attract love, luck, money, and success to you. It can be used in any “drawing” magickal work, in prosperity magick or even to draw suitors to your life.

Attraction Incense Uses:

  • Attract a lover
  • Attract money
  • Attract business

Attraction Spell Ideas:

Dress red candle for love, or green candle for money with Attraction Oil and roll it in Attraction Powder then burn over a petition describing what you want to attract. When the candle is done burning bury the remains and petition near a tree at your home. Dress yourself with Attraction Powder after you take a bath with 7 Herb Bath to draw money into your life. You can use Attraction Incense to help amplify the working.

You will receive 1 ounce in a clear sealed bag.

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